Long Beach Local Website Designer & SEO Consultant

I help businesses get found in search.

Long Beach businesses take note; Whether you are looking for a website revamp, a complete website overhaul, or a new website build, Michael Winchester Design can get your website project completed in a matter of weeks. Sometimes less!

From eye-catching animated intros and image-heavy design to stripped-down, minimalist corporate websites, I have done it all. In addition, I have extensive knowledge of eCommerce platforms, working with APIs and online fulfillment companies. I am currently certified by Skillshop in Analytics, Shopping, and Ads, and I have over 20 years of web design experience. See some of my website design and SEO case studies.

I grew up in Long Beach and have worked with a handful of local bands you may have heard of, small and large businesses, and I built the original Sink The Breakwater website with Dale Brown and Robert Palmer in 2008. So I know the city, its quirks, and how to translate that into local SEO magic.

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Coastal seabirds in Long Beach

Easy to update websites!

Nothing is worse than having to call your website guy for every small addition or change to a needed page. With most web designers charging high minimums for minimal work, it gets expensive. That is why it’s important to make these small edits yourself or have a trusted employee trained on how to do it. Working mostly in WordPress, I design websites that are easy for you or your staff to update. After a little bit of training, updating copy and adding images is as easy to accomplish as sending an email.

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Long Beach’s famous purple and pink sunset

Local SEO for New Website Builds

Using my web design process, I build websites that are SEO-friendly right from the start. I ensure pages are properly formatted, have the required amount of text, and that sitemaps are submitted to the proper search engine channels.

Website Examples

In conclusion, no matter what kind of business you run, I can get you online, get you ranked in the major search engines, and get your product or service moving!