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Michael Winchester has the search enginge optimization skills to take underperforming webpages and websites to the next level. He does through content audits, search marketing, and on-page optimization.

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Website Design & SEO Consulting

A local website developer focusing on search engine optimization (SEO).

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How can I help your business?

Having years of experience developing websites on multiple platforms (including Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, and WordPress) has made me a flexible developer. The websites I develop are done so using current best practices, from strong Core Web Vitals scores to current SEO optimization strategies. Thought and care are put into usability, color, and mobile design requirements.

I can also help you fix website errors, monetize your content, and build traffic.

That’s right. I don’t just build new websites; I rebuild and optimize older ones, too. My proven methods for optimizing existing web properties work on websites, product pages, intake forms, and even Google My Business pages.

If your website is bogged down with Search Console errors, I can fix them. My website optimizations will help you get more organic traffic from Google; traffic is more likely to convert to sales, calls, and customers.

My main goal is to get eyes on your product and/or service. I do this by using an engaging and well-structured website design and technical SEO practices proven to work. In addition, I build high-quality, responsive websites that are easy to use and fully optimized for search. Everything is fully optimized for mobile delivery and search engine placement, from the pages and images to the click-to-call phone numbers.

A Local Website Designer and SEO with 20 years of experience. Building websites in California!

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How do I help businesses get found in search?

By knowing what works for search and what doesn’t. After more than 20 years in website design, I have found that the things that used to help you get found in the search engines are now completely by most search algorithms. Therefore, my initial focus is always on a solid page structure and good inner site linking. Following my SEO checklist also helps ensure proper placement in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Working quickly, efficiently, and always submitting deliverables on time is how I keep clients satisfied. Your success is my success.

Based in Los Alamitos, Ca, I regularly travel to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and South Orange County for face-to-face meetings and on-site consultations. Contact Me.

SEO made easy. Site edits and content improvements that help local businesses get found in search.

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