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Are you looking for an honest and dependable freelance website designer or SEO consultant?

Local website designer and SEO consultant available for hire!

Using my web design process I make getting your information, product, or service online easy! Specializing in building and deploying e-commerce websites, microsites, and landing pages. I also have proven methods for optimizing existing web properties including Social Media, Google My Business, and directory listings.

My main goal is to get eyes on your product or service by increasing your organic website traffic. I do this by using an engaging design and technical SEO tactics.

Based in Los Alamitos, Ca I have quick access to Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County for face to face meetings and on-site consultations.

Website Design and SEO with a proven track record!

From an amazing color scheme to eye-catching branding, and an intuitive website interface (that anyone can understand). I build high-quality websites that are easy to use. If you already have branding, great! That gives us a leg up and a great starting point for your custom website. What I do is build you a responsive website that is optimized for mobile display and search engine indexing on delivery.

I am a very flexible website developer with experience building sites in Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, and WordPress environments. All of my websites are built using SEO best practices and are optimized for search; from the pages to the images to the click to call phone numbers.

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Search Engine Optimization made easy, SEO for local business

Search performance analysis and Search Engine Optimization doesn’t have to be a big jumble of data and keywords. I report directly on your KPIs (key performance indicators) while utilizing your Analytics and Search Console data to better understand your customers and how they are finding you. Using this data and my knowledge of content marketing I can expand on your original content based on what your core demographic is looking for. I am well versed in website troubleshooting for SEO and I have the skills to take under-performing sites and ranking them higher. With over 18 hours of Google Skillshop (formerly Ads Academy) training, I have earned certificates in Google Analytics (as well as certificates in Ads for Video, Mobile, and Shopping) demonstrating a deep understanding of web site performance and reporting. While no one can guarantee results (and if they do you should be wary), quality content and a trained professional can make a huge impact on your performance.

Helping your business get found

One way I help your business get found is by knowing what works for search and what doesn’t. After almost 20 years in website design, I have found that things that would help you get found in search last year (like meta keywords) are now completely ignored by the major search engines this year. That’s why my initial focus is always a solid page structure and good inner site linking as well as following my SEO checklist.

Another way I help businesses get found in search is by keeping current; researching search engine trends, best design practices, and new search technology is something I take very seriously. For instance, Google updates its search algorithm several times a year. SEOs know when these updates are coming, but we never know (and Google does not say) what the content or changes to the algorithm will be. Sometimes they focus on health industry websites, sometimes service industry websites; it almost always causes traffic fluctuations for the affected category. Knowing when to expect these fluctuations, and what steps to take to remedy them are vital to the overall health of your ranking in the SERPs.

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What’s New? Michael is currently enrolled in the Fall 2020 semester of Harvard’s CS50 through EdX distance learning.