Professional Websites for Commercial Painting Contractors

Having a great commercial painting website is only a quarter of the battle, a great painters website does you no good if you are not getting found in search.

I build great looking, mobile responsive websites for commercial painters that help them get found in search. My methods to get your website ranked in search work for any city or metropolitan area. I ensure pages are properly formatted, images are optimized, and that all the little signals the search engine algorithm look for are fully optimized. You found me in search the same way your new clients will find you after I’m done.

Professional commercial painting websites not only show your customer how to get a hold of you, but they can also convey that you have great attention to detail. Those details are a great way to showcase your most recent commercial painting projects, your employees, their certifications & accomplishments as well as community involvement and company culture. Everyone wants to hire good people, and a good commercial painting website tells that story.

I utilize mobile-first techniques like click to call phone numbers and design for multiple view-ports. Having forms available and being able to fill them out online is vital no matter what device your future customer is using. From a phone to a tablet to a desktop computer, your website will look great on any system or format. I ask that visit my website on a number of devices to see exactly what I mean.

Read my case study on a current commercial painting clients website and SEO program.

How do we get started?

1.Tell Me about your company.

All the basics (Name, Address, Phone, Specialties, years in business, etc.) and anything else you think helps you stand out from the competition. This website is going to sell your services to people who have no idea what it takes to paint a building. The more info I have the more info your new clients will have.

2. Provide some job photos and locations.

Photos show your potential clients what type of work you do so be sure to include a full range of images. The location data will be used to help you get more jobs in those areas. My SEO process for painting companies is proven!

3. Answer the phone, customers are calling!

It usually takes a couple of weeks to complete the commercial painting website and a few months for the search engines to index new websites. Good news, I am an expert at speeding that process using Google’s own tools and can have you indexed almost immediately.

I’ll need some info and a good time to call!

Fill out the contact form below and I will get back you within 24 hours. I stay busy but I am always looking for new clients to build amazing websites for.

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