Screen printing company website case study

Kinky Kontrol HQ website update/refresh

I was contacted by Kevin at Kinky Kontrol who wanted to use the current quarantine time to get his website refreshed. He does screen printing and makes merchandise for touring bands and small businesses. He was looking for something that was “less of a mess” and maybe even “easier to use”. After a quick look, I was happy to help. 

Kinky Kontrol website before and after redesign by Michael Winchester
Before and after the website refresh by Michael Winchester

I always try to steer clients to a new website, something that I can have 100% control over. The Kinky Kontrol website is hosted by a company called that offers record labels and other small businesses a platform to host and sell products. Not a bad deal as setting up is free and they only charge a small flat percentage for each sale. Kevin was comfortable with Limited Run as he had been using this platform for some time. It turns out that migrating was not an option. After a quick read of the site faq, I pushed forward with their online site editor. Despite its limited functionality, you can alter a site. 

First up was picking a new color palette, so I moved forward with one from an image Kevin had sent over. It’s important that site colors not fight with your eyes, the previous colors made it hard to focus on the content and I’m sure caused more than a little bit of site bounce. Next, we needed a uniform header that was simple and clean. Luckily LimitedRun allows access to the header in their online editor. Not satisfied with the general layout of the theme being used I went to work editing the CSS files to really fine-tune the header. After getting the header and navigation situated I moved onto the footer. A simple offset logo graphic and some tweaks to the formatting and we are starting to look good.

Like everything else, font options are super limited, so I called in Google Fonts with a line of CSS and let them do a little bit of the heavy lifting. I tested out a few before settling on “Luckiest Guy”, It’s a fun typeface and in my opinion really exemplifies the Kinky Kontrol brand. I applied it sparingly. If you overdo a font like this one it can look trashy.

Now that I had a great typeface in place it was time to properly format the on-page copy. Kevin already had the basic text in place and it just needed a little clarification and heading formating. Getting the page headings (the H1 – H6 tags) optimized is key; these really help search engines understand your content and how it relates to your info and what searchers are trying to find. 

With the site looking great it was time to test it on a cellphone in the mobile view. I always make sure all edits and additions are mobile responsive as that is what Google crawls first. If the mobile view is wonky, you may not get indexed and that means no organic traffic. 

Kevin and I are both really happy with the way the Kinky Kontrol website update turned out. I was unsure if I could get good results with the framework but it turned out really well.

If you are looking for screen printing I highly recommend Kevin and Kinky Kontrol, I have several shirts printed by him and they all look great. So if you have a restaurant, a bar, or even have a family reunion coming up remember Kinky Kontrol for your screen-printing needs.