Affordable Online Storefronts

Every brand should have its own e-commerce storefront website to sell from. Stop paying fees to markwetplace sites and control your own.

Headstones and Hearses online store

When considering an e-commerce platform, I always suggest WooCommerce and WordPress. Updating is a breeze, and the vast amount of APIs, plugins, and theme options make it extremely versatile.

Headstones and Hearses website utilizes several of these APIs to connect with everyone from print vendors, social media accounts, and Google. These APIs grant the site the ability to publish new products instantly to the site, sell products through social media accounts, and display current web stats in the backend, respectively.

Why not use a seller storefront like Etsy?

Etsy is great for small crafters and brands looking to gain an audience. But the high seller fees can be a real turn-off. Owning your own storefront website lets you keep 100% of your profits while also having complete control over who and what else is seen and advertised on your product page. I know some online marketplaces advertise similar products from others vendors and will remove them from your page for a fee—none of that nonsense when you control your platform.

What about online payments?

Online payments can be handled through several payment processors. PayPal still has the most users, but WooCommerce accepts payment with Stripe, Square, and others with an additional plugin.

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Author: Michael Winchester

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