HTTPS compliance and Google flagging

Google has recently started marking websites that do not have an HTTPS address as “Not Secure.” What is HTTPS,  and what does this mean to your existing websites?

Because of scoundrels and con-men, Google is asking for HTTPS compliance.  HTTPS stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure and is the secure version of HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTP stands for ‘Secure’.

All this means is that communications between your browser and the website you are viewing are encrypted. This is especially needed on e-commerce websites where credit card and other personal data is sent between the browser and the webserver. You achieve this layer of security by purchasing and installing an SSL Certificate.  For now, we will concentrate on the HTTPS aspect of the protocol.

Most noteworthy is the indicator that Google is using to distinguish between so-called “safe” and “unsafe” webpages.  A green lock is secure, and a grey lock with a red slash is not.

Potar Design Secure

Secure Example

not secure website url example

Not Secure Example

What does this mean in regards to your website? Well, because when someone visits your site, their browser may display the dreaded lock icon with a red slash thru it (examples above), representing your unsecured connection. Because HTTP was not intended for online activities like shopping, making payments, and transferring personal data, the entire web is now moving towards the security standard. Google is even making HTTP unattractive by penalizing websites for using it. Google plans to flag websites that don’t use HTTPS to prioritize websites that use HTTPS in their search results. As a result, this is a strong incentive for web admins to migrate to the HTTPS standard.

Consequently, Michael Winchester Design is well versed in the setup and maintenance of HTTPS. Contact him today and learn more about how cheap and easy HTTPS can be to implement. We can have your website running the Secure Protocol within the week.

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