How to prepare for a new website.

How to prepare for a new website.

I think we can all agree that the most important aspect of your website is the information you are conveying. Whether your goal is to sell products or to provide support for a product or service, its vital to be prepared before you start to build or hire a web designer.

What does that entail and where to start?

  1. Know the goals of your website. Are selling a product, gathering email addresses?
  2. Decide on how many pages and what they are to be called, and titled using SEO best practices.
  3. Write a copy of all pages being sure to include your long-tailed keywords.
  4. Gather and clearly title all images using SEO best practices.
  5. Start thinking about page flow and how your users will navigate your site.

While you can certainly just drop a content management system (CMS) on a server and build away; it pays off to be prepared, have a plan, and set goals.

If you are hiring a professional website designer, having this information ready will surely save you time/money. 

Michael Winchester

Website design since 2000, SEO since 2014! I am certified in Google Ads, Video Ads, Analytics, and Mobile Fundamentals. Aside from building websites, I enjoy soldering projects like building guitar pedals and noise toys. I also enjoy hanging out with my wife, her son and our dogs.

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