Free Commercial Painting Company Icons

Finding new and interesting icons for any web project can be a pain. I needed some for a page I was writing on Websites for Commercial Painting Companies and decided to dust off my Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop skills. I really like the way they turned out, the quick brush style fits with the topic, and they didn’t take me much longer than trying to find something suitable on the stock and clip-art pages (a good lesson in time management). So I decided to offer them for free download to anyone looking for something fun for your painting project.

Everyone loves the vintage “matchbook” style, so I added a couple more icons and spiced up the presentation. I am distributing these as FREE USE, and it’s fun to see your designs being used online.

Here are the icons used on the page. I encourage you to modify, trace or re-draw these yourself but feel free to use them as-is, too.