Cool SEO Tool: AlsoAsked

Updated 06.01.2021 is down for maintenance after the end of their public beta testing. I’m seeing a lot of traffic to this page so I figured I would update you, folks. AlsoAsked is an amazing tool and I hope it stays free or somewhat affordable. AnswerThePublic is a great alternative to AlsoAsked. is a great tool for visualizing and understanding the relationships between questions and how they are asked. Their website takes your search term and shows you how the topic is grouped with similar questions by rank. It’s a great tool for informing the content you are writing, exploring article titles, and finding new ways to cover difficult or common topics.

The questions are grouped into three forks that can be further broken down at the junction points, giving you an almost endless supply of questions related to your original query. This is especially useful for copywriters, content planners, and marketers.

Example of an search.

How do I use AlsoAsked?

First, I think of a question relevant to the industry I am working in at the time; maybe a question that a competitor is ranking for or has a featured snippet in Google for.

Once I have the results, I study them. Are there any questions in the tree that stand out? Maybe some key phrasing or a word that I would not usually associate with the question’s intent or the product I am trying to sell? Once I have identified something interesting that might benefit the site’s content, I find out how much traffic is going to that term or phrase.

Next, I decide if I will build new content around the question/phrase/word, or I am going to build it into existing content. Of course, this will all depend on the strength of the newfound queries.

Where do these AlsoAsked questions come from?

AlsoAksed pulls a lot of its data from Google. You may have seen the source when searching Google and just scrolled by; People Also Asked is a group of links on the Google SERP that link you to search result pages, rich snippets, and other pages for questions that are very similar to the one you asked.

For instance, if you search Google for “Where is Elvis buried,” you would get the following “People Also Asked” results towards the middle to bottom of the SERPage.

Notice that the questions are both related to Elvis and his burial.

These are, in fact, similar questions that have been asked of Google by users and matched by an algorithm. Once you start clicking on them, the accordion comes to life, and in this case, no less than 10 more questions show.

Targeting these types of Google snippets can yield incredible results for your site’s traffic.

So why would I want to use AlsoAsked if Google already gives me the People Also Ask information?

To be honest, I use both. What AlsoAsked does better is it dives deeper into the question itself. From a purely visual standpoint, seeing the questions ranked like sports teams’ finals bracket makes it easy to navigate (and intuitively understand). What Google does better is it gives me context by providing links and text excerpts. Having the context in front of you instead of opening a new tab and looking is always preferable.

If you have been following my posts, you may be asking yourself if this a repost of a cool SEO tool from a couple of months ago. It is not, So how is different from AnswerThePublic? AlsoAsked uses “people also asked” data while AnswerThePublic uses “suggests data.” Check out AnswerThePublic.