Cool SEO Tool: AlsoAsked

Cool SEO Tool: AlsoAsked is great tool for understanding the relationships between questions and how they are asked. Their website takes your search term and visually shows you how the topic is grouped with the question being asked using “People Also Asked” data. It’s a great tool for informing content you are writing as well as for finding new ways to cover difficult or common topics.

The questions are grouped in trees that can be further broken down at the junction points giving you an almost endless supply of questions related to your topic. This is especially useful for copywriters, content planners, and marketers.

Example of an search.

If you have been following my posts you may be asking yourself if this a repost of a cool SEO tool from a couple of months ago. So how is different from AnswerThePublic?
Well, AnswerThePublic uses “suggests data” while AlsoAsked uses “people also asked” data.

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