Commercial Painting Company Website Case Study

I had been working with Jim Parker for a few years on the Palos Verdes Skatepark Project when he asked me what could be done with his poorly performing business website. Jim’s website wasn’t ranking well in search and when people did find it they seemed to bounce right away. Commercial painting is a very competitive business and his competition was outperforming him in search even though they may not have been local or relevant to his specialties. 

Jim has some of the right ingredients to make a great website. He has a ton of great case studies, reference letters, lots of signed warranties, and he takes photos of jobs in different stages of completion as well as an amazing drone video that was not being used. Great content! Putting to use was important.

What his website was lacking was good page structure, integration with Google services, and all the small SEO refinements (like properly titling pages and images) that add up to a page that has E.A.T. (expertise, authority, trustworthiness).

Commercial painting website, heavy on the images

I started by adding titles and alt tags to his pages and images. It’s important to be as descriptive as possible here while still conveying the message that users are searching for.  The alt and description tags are not only used by search engines but they are also used by people with disabilities for the same purpose; to better understand your content. 

After sorting out his media library I set to work on his page structure and heading tags. Properly structured pages help search engines better digest your content. Heading tags give indicators as to the hierarchy and importance of different parts of a page’s content. Having heading tags properly implemented is often overlooked but very important. 

Commercial painting page structure example

Another important off-page factor that is tied directly to something you control on-page is your N.A.P. It’s your name, address, and phone number as it appears online. Not only do you want to be consistent and uniform sitewide but it also is important that your N.A.P. matches in directory listings, your social media pages, and other places your information is shown online. Jim didn’t have too many existing listings and his social media reach was limited so I went to work setting up those types of accounts. 

Once I was satisfied with Jim’s on-page optimization I was in discovery mode. One of the important factors when ranking a page is who is linking back to you; these are called backlinks. It’s important to audit these backlinks to ensure they point to current content and that they come from relevant sources. Jim had a couple of backlinks from high authority sites in his industry that were returning 404 (not found) errors. This is not only bad in terms of users not being able to access your content from a trusted source but it also is a ding against your site to Google. I remedied this by setting up 301 redirects to his pages that had the same or similar content. The little dings that each one of these bad links adds to your site can dramatically affect your appearance in search and in some cases have de-indexed altogether.  

Another piece of this puzzle was to add Jim’s business to the various Google services that help track and signal.  Jim and I both needed access to his site visitors’ stats while they are on his site; see where they click, how long they stayed, etc.  So we use Analytics. We also want to know how they are finding his website and what pages may have issues that affect how he is positioned in search; so we use Search Console. Finally to get Jim communicating better with his potential customers and to add his business to Google Maps we use MyBusiness. While these services may not directly help Jim rank; they do help us understand what is going on when users visit his site, how they got there, and other key factors that inform future updates and site revisions. 

After about 6 months of revising case studies, posting to social media, and utilizing the Google MyBusiness platform, is now ranking #1 in Google for 2 of his key phrases, he is outranking larger companies and he also has a spot in the coveted Three Pack that resides between the paid ads and the organic search results on Google’s search engine results page.  

Tech: WordPress, Revolution Slider, All In One SEO, Schema Markup, Social Media Management, Google MyBusiness

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